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  • Richard Stallman

    Richard Stallman started the free software movement back in the 1980s. The GNU Project, the Free Software Foundation, GNU GPL and the concept of copyleft were all pioneered by Stallman. Today he is recognized as a software freedom activitist. Conscious of protecting his privacy in a networked world, he does not use a mobile phone, or use a chip-based access card, or have a Facebook account. He has more than a dozen honorary doctorates.

IoT Hands-on Workshop (11 June 2016)

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Morisawa Type Design Competition 2016

Morisawa Type Design Competition has been giving birth to a new typeface design for decades from the first competition was held in 1984. The competition is open to any individual, group or nationality. Entries can be submitted in Kanji category or Latin category or both.


  • Submission: May 1st - July 31st 2016
  • Results: Dec 2016


AngelHack 2016

AngelHack is at its 9th edition. 4 years. More than 300 hackathons. More than 96 cities around the globe. We’ve seen it all. And from all of these events, we’ve noticed one thing: Anyone. Can. Code. Win the local hackathons. Take part in a 12-week HACKcelerator program. Top teams get to give demo at San Francisco. At IEDF, we feature below the dates and participating venues in India.

Venues & Dates:

  • Manipal, Apr 23-24
  • Mumbai, May 7-8
  • Hyderabad, May 28-29
  • Delhi, June 11-12
  • Vizag, June 18-19
  • Bangalore, July 15-16


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