• Good design begins with honesty, asks tough questions, comes from collaboration and from trusting your intuition. — Freeman Thomas
  • I believe that quality level is determined primarily by the actual design of the product itself, not by quality control in the production process. — Hideo Sugiura
  • The details are not the details. They make the design. — Charles Eames
  • Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. — Steve Jobs
  • Once the product's task is known, design the interface first; then implement to the interface design. — Jef Raskin

IoT Unplugged Workshop: Session #2 (31 Jan 2015)


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IEDF Introduction

Design is the seed corn for industrial development. Ideas may remain as ideas if not for design that realizes their true potential. Design brings ideas to fruition and puts products into the hands of consumers.

Indian Engineering Design Forum (IEDF) has been established to encourage innovation in engineeering design for the Indian context. It is a platform that facilitates young and experienced engineers to connect, collaborate and innovate. Being committed to education, the forum gives due importance to career growth and self-development. Polytechnic students, engineering undergraduates and working professionals will benefit directly from the forum's activities. The forum's advisory board of experienced and eminent engineers will offer technical and career guidance.

This website showcases design trends, news and events from around the world. It includes directories of engineering colleges, societies and regulatory bodies. The forum's blog will be supplemented by an e-newsletter to be distributed periodically.

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Smartphone & Tablet Workshop For Senior Citizens

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Come and join us for a hands-on workshop designed specifically for senior citizens. You will learn how to send emails and communicate with loved ones over Skype. You will learn how to download and read ebooks. You will learn how to enjoy MP3 music with thousands of songs at your fingertips. You will learn about train reservations, today's latest news and many more.

To register, simply call +91 8884953245. First session starts on 25th January.

Full details are available at http://tech-seniors.doattend.com/

Events for January 2015

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Arduino Embedded Systems Workshop

January 3-4, 2015
Chattarpur Enclave, New Delhi
Arduino workshop for intermediate people.

International Conference On Embedded Systems 2015

January 3-7, 2015
Hotel Leela Palace, Bangalore
The 14th International Conference On Embedded Systems 2015 is a prominent and an annual conference which covers all the topics related to the importance of embedded systems in various sectors.

TechHub Bangalore Demo Night

January 6, 2015
TechHub, Bangalore
Demo Night is a chance to see what our top start-ups are working on. These are the guys that are changing the future of business & technology.

IoT Unplugged: Hands-on Workshop for Beginners

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Hands-on Workshop on Internet of Things (IoT).

Happening in Bangalore over four Saturdays.

First Session Starts on 17th January.

Get introduced to the world of Internet of Things (IoT) through this hands-on workshop. Work with actual hardware. Write and understand code with guidance from experts. By the end of this workshop, you will have learnt key skills to implement your IoT ideas.

For full details and registration, please visit http://iot-unplugged.doattend.com/.

Technology Partner: WiSense

Venue Sponsor: Texas Instruments, Bangalore

Prarambh Start-up Challenge

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Entrepreneurship for IIM Udaipur is a value which it endeavors to inculcate in its students and community as we progress. With this thought in mind, Saksham - the entrepreneurship club of IIM Udaipur, is pleased to present the first edition of Prarambh, the 32-hour startup challenge.

The idea of start-up weekend competition is to bring together entrepreneurs of different backgrounds, including software developers, marketers, designers, and other enthusiasts. They gather to pitch ideas, form teams and build working prototypes in just 32 hours. The participants that attend have to pitch their ideas, the pitches are whittled down to the top ideas and then teams can be formed around these ideas. Teams work on their plans with guidance from the mentors. Finally, the weekend culminates with demonstrations in front of judges and potential investors.


Plain English At Work

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Book Review

Author: Edward P. Bailey
Publisher: Oxford University Press. 1996.

As engineers, we are often required to write documents, reports, and user manuals. It is also part of our everyday routine to write emails and memos. In writing or speaking, it is important to be effective, to be understood. In this book, the author recommends that the best way to do this is to use simple language.

To appreciate this concept, it may be a good idea to look at the worst possible writing. Legal documents are hard to comprehend. Sentences are long winded. Many words in these documents are outdated. In keeping with such tradition, engineers too are forced to write in such language while they submit patent applications or write non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). Is there then a better way to write?

Perhaps nothing much can be done about patent applications and NDAs; but engineers can write in plain language in almost all other cases. The best advice the author gives us is to write the way we speak. Yes, we tend to write more formally and in a way quite removed from everyday conversations. Instead, replace difficult words with simpler ones. Don't say "commence" when you can say "begin." It is really a rare case that we would sacrifice meaning in this process.