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  • IBM's Deep Blue

    In May 1997, IBM's Deep Blue became the first computer to defeat Garry Kasparov, then the reigning world chess champion. Deep Blue's hardware had 30 cores at 120 MHz plus 420 special VLSI chess chips. The computer could evaluate 200 million positions per second and could search to a depth of 20 moves. Despite this celebrated victory, most people believe Deep Blue won by brute force and had no “intelligence.”

Python Workshop (30 Jan 2016)

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Engineer Infinite 2016

Bengaluru, 13-17 February 2016

EI16 (Short form of Engineer Infinite 2016) is the Student Project Competition to be held in conjunction with ELECRAMA 2016 exhibition to be held at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre, Bengaluru.

The ethos of “Engineer Infinite” is the limitless possibilities that present themselves in the Electrical Energy sector, especially in India. It wakes you, the young students in this sector, up to the challenges faced and therefore to the countless ways in which these challenges can be met.


Make In India Week

Mumbai, 13-18 February 2016

Showcasing the potential of design, innovation and sustainability across India's manufacturing sectors in the coming decade. A week that will spark a renewed sense of pride in India's manufacturing – and take corporate and public participation to the next level.


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