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  • A Programmable Loom

    Early computers took inputs by reading punched cards. Presence or absence of a hole indicated either a zero or a one, the very language of computers. It's interesting to note that the punched card itself was invented by Joseph Marie Jacquard in 1801 to program a loom. The card would indicate if warp threads were to be woven above or below weft threads. Jacquard's loom was perhaps the first programmable “computer.”

Git & GitHub Workshop (23 Apr 2016)

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AngelHack 2016

AngelHack is at its 9th edition. 4 years. More than 300 hackathons. More than 96 cities around the globe. We’ve seen it all. And from all of these events, we’ve noticed one thing: Anyone. Can. Code. Win the local hackathons. Take part in a 12-week HACKcelerator program. Top teams get to give demo at San Francisco. At IEDF, we feature below the dates and participating venues in India.

Venues & Dates:

  • Manipal, Apr 23-24
  • Mumbai, May 7-8
  • Hyderabad, May 28-29
  • Delhi, June 11-12
  • Vizag, June 18-19
  • Bangalore, July 15-16


IoT Project Day

Microsoft Signature Building
Embassy Golf Links, Bangalore
Saturday, 21 May 2016

Many have attended the basic 2-day IoT workshop organized regularly by IEDF. Some of these participants have carried on to do IoT projects of their own. IoT Project Day is an half-day event giving them an opportunity to share these projects with others. These demos need not be strictly IoT. It can be configuring embedded systems, integrating sensors, prototyping with basic electronics, connecting to cloud platforms or analyzing data.

What if you don't have a project to demo but have ideas in the IoT space? You are welcome to discuss your IoT ideas and find collaborators.

Registrations will open two weeks before the event.

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